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WCC's $150,000 Fundraising Campaign!

Welcome to the Westside Community Center's (WCC) Donation Page! We're thrilled to announce our ambitious goal of raising $150,000 to fuel our exciting new initiatives. With your help, we can support innovative programming, dedicated staff, essential maintenance, and so much more.

How Your Donation Will Make an Impact:

Innovative Programs: Your support will help us develop and implement a variety of enriching programs that will benefit the entire community.

Featured Programs:

W.E. Pro$per (Work Ethics Pro$per):

This initiative prepares adolescents aged 13-16 for summer employment opportunities. W.E. Prosper provides career training, business ethics, and etiquette for both boys and girls, starting in the fall and continuing throughout the academic year. Upon successful completion of the program, students are placed in summer-long apprenticeships so our students can gain real-world work experience from multiple industries locally!

C.A.S.H (Community Advanced Study Hall):

Students “cash in on their future” by investing their time in study. They have access to the Schmoldt Technology Room with WiFi, featuring 3D printers and workstations for creative projects, and facilitators to help with homework and other tasks. This initiative also enhances education for youth with a cutting-edge Game Room equipped with VR technology for immersive experiences, guest speakers, field trips, and holistic support.

Summer Fine Arts:

Summer Fine Arts is coming back!! This initiative offers creative programs where budding artists explore a variety of disciplines, including singing, songwriting, music production, dance, art, architecture, event management, podcasting, and so much more. Through dynamic workshops and inspiring performances, they discover new ways to express themselves and cultivate their talents under the guidance of experienced mentors. Our ultimate aim is to ignite a passion for creativity, empower them to express their artistic potential, and nurture a generation of confident performers and innovative thinkers.

Peace Pioneers:

This program equips young individuals to become Peace Pioneers, guiding the path toward fostering a peaceful and harmonious society through effective communication, character development, life skills, and conflict resolution techniques. Through interactive sessions such as reenactments, debates, discussions on pertinent issues, and self-defense classes, participants gain a well-rounded understanding of engaging in constructive dialogues, and self-protection, to become confident communicators.

Pillars of Progress:

This initiative is designed to support men in different areas of their lives, focusing on mental health, fatherhood, and entrepreneurship. Participants also get resources and support to start or grow their businesses. It's a program to help men thrive personally and professionally while making our communities safer and stronger.

WCC Community Garden and Gardening Club:

Your contribution will support the creation of a community garden where residents of all ages can come together to cultivate fresh produce and learn the art of nutritious cooking through interactive classes and workshops. This initiative not only promotes healthy living but also fosters intergenerational connections, with volunteers spanning from their 20s to their 70s collaborating to create a vibrant and inclusive space. Additionally, we're launching the WCC Gardening Club, providing further opportunities for community members to engage in gardening activities and share their knowledge and expertise.

Empower Educate Serve

Providing essential services to the underserved community in Bartlesville through educational, recreational, and social programs.

Community Outreach Programs

Engage with our community through a variety of programs that cater to social, economic, and personal needs.

Character Building Workshops

Join us in our mission to motivate and inspire individuals to reach their full potential.

Empowering Community

Providing essential services to empower the underserved in our community.

white and brown concrete building near green trees during daytime
white and brown concrete building near green trees during daytime
Social and Personal

Serving social and personal needs through dedicated programs and services.

men playing basketball
men playing basketball
Economic Support Programs

Empowering individuals through economic support and recreational activities.

architectural photography of black and gray building
architectural photography of black and gray building
people walking on street near brown concrete building during daytime
people walking on street near brown concrete building during daytime
Character Building Initiatives

Motivating and building character through educational and cultural programs.

Community Building Events

Fostering community growth through social, educational, and economic initiatives.

The Westside Community Center has truly made a positive impact in our community. I attended Summer Fine Arts as a kid and it forever changed my life.

Grateful Supporter

woman walking beside wall with the best gift is you graffiti
woman walking beside wall with the best gift is you graffiti